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Curving HO Model Train Flex-Track with Ease

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As with most components of a layout, all model railroaders have unique preferences for how they like to put together their trackage. Some like to build their tracks from scratch, while others opt for commercial kits that piece together without any need for additional work. And then there are those who go for the middle ground, and for that there’s HO model train flex-track.

Since its invention, HO model train flex-track has opened up endless possibilities for customization and improvisation on model railroad layouts, due to its ability to be easily manipulated, or curved. A number of big-name manufacturers sell flex-track in varying degrees of length, rigidity and weathering, and some are more easy to curve than others. In this lesson, we teach you how to get the exact curve you want with Model Engineering’s Code 70 HO model train flex-track.

Tips for getting exact curves in HO model train flex-track

Code 70 HO model train flex-track sold by Model Engineering is known for being a bit tougher to manipulate than most flex-tracks. It has the benefit of coming pre-weathered, but it’s rigidity makes it fairly difficult to curve. However, we have an expert tip that takes the stress out of getting your HO model train flex-track to curve, and it’s as simple as scraping the track’s ties with a piece of plywood.

To help you quickly get the straightness out of your HO model train flex-track, modeler Tony Koester teaches you how to use scrap plywood and a basic backstop to curve a stretch of track to the exact degree you need for your layout. Tony’s goal for his HO model train flex-track is a 42-inch curve, so he shows you how to take a piece of wood and thwack it along the ties to form a nice gentle curve in the HO model train flex-track. As if by magic, you’ll see the track start to curl, and the former downside of the rails’ rigidity is now their ultimate upside–that curve won’t fall away no matter how much you jostle it around, go ahead and try!

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2 Responses to “Curving HO Model Train Flex-Track with Ease”

  1. LARRY

    Thanks for the info that is very helpful

  2. Gerry

    I don't model in HO very much, I'm more of an 'O' and 'G' scale person, but after watching this video I have to say that in ALL of the model rail road video's I've watched over the years this one is by far THE BEST one of them all!!!

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