Discussing Operations on Bob Hayden’s C&DR Railway

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Bob Hayden’s HO scale recreation of Carrabasset & Dead River Railway is a combination of many years’ model railroading experience and improvisation. Bob knew when he set out to build a model of central Maine’s C&DR that he wanted to complete the tracks and trucks in N scale, but he wanted the rest to be done in traditional HO, which would’ve made a lot of railroading purists dismiss his layout from the start. But hearing about and seeing Bob’s layout are two entirely different things.

Once you set your eyes on Bob’s masterpiece, you’ll be glad he followed through on his vision. Bob’s freelance skills and eye for detail paired perfectly to create a model railroad layout that can be feasted on for hours over. Give this video a watch and hear what Bob has to say about the means of construction and operations on his remarkable C&DR Railway!