Don Cassler’s Satisfaction in Creating Model Railroads

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Duration: 1:33

There are many areas in which a modeler can find satisfaction in their model railroad. Enjoyment can lie anywhere from the art, to the end result, the operation, or the construction. As Don Cassler describes to Allen Keller in this interview, for him the satisfaction lies more in building the model railroad and less with looking at the finished work.

In this video, Cassler reminisces on creating his layout over the past twenty years, and the changes that were made to it. If aspects of the layout were not to his or the other modelers’ liking, he and his team would tear it up and start again. Cassler encourages others to not be afraid to rebuild parts of their layout as they learn and grow as a modeler.

Cassler finds his owner’s satisfaction in the art and creating a product that he is proud of. It is satisfying to see a vision come to life after a lot of hard work. Cassler also receives joy in the knowledge that others enjoyed themselves when they came to see his layout.

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