George Sellios

George Sellios on Model Railroad Benchwork and Lighting

George Sellios
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Duration:   2  mins

The model railroad layout begins with the benchwork. In starting to design and plan a layout, the first component you have to consider is how to maximize your space and build a structure that suits your unique specifications. For a little bit of help deciding the best option, we like to turn to the experts to see how they handled their specific situation.

In this segment, host Allen Keller visits the in-progress HO scale layout of master modeler George Sellios to learn about the technique he used to build the benchwork that holds up his Franklin & South Manchester Railroad. He explains which kind of benchwork made sense for the type of layout he was looking to construct and the size trains he wanted to incorporate on the finished tracks.

Then, the conversation shifts and Allen asks George about his impressive use of lighting, which not only highlights the spectacular structures George is known for but also helps to set the scene. He talks about his thought process for picking the right lighting with a bit of trial and error. Take a tip from the master and see what you can do to improve the lighting and benchwork on your next layout!

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