Jack Burgess on Scratch-Building Scenery Components

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Master modeler Jack Burgess is renowned across the world for his remarkably realistic scale duplication of Yosemite Valley Railway. Thanks to its historical accuracy and scratchbuilt scenery components, Jack’s layout of the California railroad at its heyday in August, 1939 has been featured in model railroad publications countless times since its inception. To get a sense of how Jack has created such a spectacular layout that so closely resembles its prototype, you have to take a closer look at the elements of his scenery.

In this segment, host Allen Keller goes behind the scenes of Jack’s YV Railway to learn about his expert process for designing and building the components on his layout. You’ll discover how Jack makes realistic rock faces and captures that one-of-a-kind golden grass distinctive of California’s rolling hills. Jack also talks a bit about his preferences for operating the YV, and then shows you what it takes to scratch-build an award-winning contest model. If there’s one modeler who knows how to build a scene component to prototype, Jack’s your man!

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