Making Superb Model Railroad Structures With Wooden Kits

Duration: 5:10

There is a certain realism and charm in certain kits that can make your railroad more unique and visually interesting. The build runs for wooden kits tend to be a bit smaller than plastic kits, so the manufacturers have the flexibility to model specific model railroad structures. See how the detail on modern laser cutting is every bit as good as plastic kits. Plus, they are extremely fun to build!

Expert modeler Tom Lund addresses the benefits of using wooden kits to create and build superb structures for your model railroad. As long as you allow for some of the inherent differences between plastic and wood, they go together easily. Go through each step with Tom and get to work building model railroad structures that you’ll be proud of!

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        Customer Service

        Hello Leslie,

        For wooden kits, I like to use an artist quality oil base sealer. Anything water base may warp the wood.

        Hope this helps,

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