Marv Koenig – Track Car Cam Montage

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Duration: 11:37

In our latest car cam video, we observe another spectacular Soo Line layout, this one by Marv Koenig and set in the late 1970s in the environs of Byron, Wisconsin. This is a G scale garden layout and takes full advantage of the outdoor setting.

The Soo Line is hauling lumber in this video and we get to see the same sections of track from different angles, so we can really appreciate Marv’s detailed work.

If you like G scale layouts and/or the Soo Line, check out our trip on Bob Rivard’s G scale Soo Line layout.

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4 Responses to “Marv Koenig – Track Car Cam Montage”

  1. L J

    The designer and builder deserves multiple compliments. Incorporating actual land and water features (just like a real railroad) is stunning.
    Speaking of stunning, the videography also deserves compliments. From giving us the engineer’s view to placement of the camera that highlights the lake is masterful. The videographer has a great eye for the visual.
    One final compliment: the music choice, especially those first two pieces which helps the mood and are excellent background pieces. I play old-time music and appreciate the banjo and dobro playing. Question: what are the titles of the first two pieces and what band(s) is playing?

  2. Jim

    Nice video work, captured some great angles to put you right into the railroad at real life eye level.

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