Model Railroad Construction: Passing Through Cooper

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Not every stop along a major railroad is complete with town center, service station and saloon–some components of a railway are just small stopovers en route to the final destination. This is the case for Cooper, a long passing siding that connects the main lines of C&S Railway. In our next segment covering the branch lines of the C&S, we follow our model engine through Cooper, and take a look at some of the unique features that make up this model railroad construction. Come along and see what makes this scene special!

Simple but effective model railroad construction

In some of our other videos that cover our model railroad construction of the HO scale scenery found on C&S Railway, we’ve highlighted major stops such as Baldwin and Ruby Junction. Today, we pass through the “town” of Cooper, which consists of just a country store, mining building and flag stop station.

To make the flag stop station for this model railroad construction, our experts utilized a retired boxcar stilted on wooden ties. A flag stop station, or whistle stop, is usually a small building that can be stopped at to pick up passengers or supplies only by request.

Unlike the recycled flag stop station, the other two buildings in our model railroad construction were built from scratch. The weathered country store is a scale model of a building from a past era that used to stand in Cooper, while the mining building and additional tailing trestle were constructed from our experts’ imagination, complete with crashed ore jimmy and surprised miners! Take a look around Cooper to see what else we’ve used in this model railroad construction to bring this HO scale scene to life, then watch some of our other videos that follow the tracks and stops of the C&S Railway!