Mike Burgett

Applying Model Railroad Telephone Poles

Mike Burgett
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Duration:   4  mins

You probably see telephone poles that line railways on a daily basis, but it may not be something you give much thought to. Model railroad telephone poles can make a great addition to layouts, but you will need to do some research beforehand if you aim to accurately recreate a prototype. The long history behind telephone poles dictates the way they look and the manner in which they function.

Model Railroad Telephone Poles

In part ten of the 11-part Chesapeake & Ohio series, Mike Burgett demonstrates how to apply model railroad telephone poles using prototype practices. Mike begins by recommending the brand of model railroad telephone poles he prefers to use. He believes this particular brand offers the most accurate models and he thinks they are easy to install. He displays five different configurations of poles and explains in detail the makeup of each one. The poles vary depending on the era in which they were built. For this demonstration, he uses a classic arrangement telephone pole.

Mike defines several rules for placing the model railroad telephone poles. First, he reveals the typical amount of space between each pole. Then, he explains the rotation of the cross arms and the reasoning behind it. The last thing he points out is the junction pole for the signal department circuits. He defines the junction pole as the most important pole because it is necessary for operating the OS section. The junction pole is slightly different than the others because it has double the cross arms.

Mike shows the completed scene with the model railroad telephone poles installed at the end of the demonstration. His tips and tricks for installing telephone poles will hopefully assist you in the process of installing model railroad accessories. His prior research and experience will aid you in creating an accurate layout.

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