Ed Lorence

Touring the Baltimore and Ohio L&S Division

Ed Lorence
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Duration:   9  mins

The Allen Keller tour of Ed Lorence’s Baltimore and Ohio L&S Division model railroad starts as the B&O EM1 Number 7600 passes the engine facility and roundhouse at East Elkins. The big building in the back of downtown Elkins is Riesen Bakery. Its pleasant aroma fails to mask the odor of the other business in town. Train 9 skirts the meat packers as it heads into Tunnel Number 1 with the freighthouse on the right. Here the line makes the first of many crossings of Three Rivers Creek. The Salt Lake engine facility is below but miles away on the time table. The big articulated crosses Bridge Number 14 on the way to Gray Junction. Below this track is Sewell Junction.

Ray Junction is home to the Sandusky Coal Mine. In back is the company owned downtown and the miners houses. Here is the main Sandusky mine. The coal is taken from here to the Fairport branch for delivery via ore barges. Exiting Tunnel Number 8 below the mine, the EM1 moves along the back track above Sewell Junction, which is miles away via timetable. Water tank number 37 is the last sight to see before ducking into Tunnel Number 7. Number 7600 crosses Three Rivers Creek again on another bridge.

The route takes the freight back behind Dawson’s station. This locomotive may be the largest ever built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works. Train 9 rolls by the Grafton diesel house. Here it passes Tower 3. Off to the right are the turntable and roundhouse. The REP petroleum distributor sits in the foreground as the articulated comes out from the station overpass at Grafton. To see the rest of operations, view the full video. For more Allen Keller videos, visit the Model Railroad Academy archives.

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