Phantom Canyon on the M&YP

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Duration: 2:40

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In this video we complete the tour of Bill Briggs’ Musselshell and Yogo Peak mainline. Phantom Canyon is west of the Carrizzo Gorge location of the NP Vortex and the town of Maudlow. The branch to Vortex runs over the NP Vortex Branch Bridge #1. This bridge is mostly timber and runs 135 feet over the NP John Allen Loop and Sapphire Creek Wash. The Vortex mine complex has a platform for NP railcar service. The model features genuine Yogo Sapphire ore, which came from the original Vortex Sapphire mine in Montana. The mine is kit bashed and demonstrates the sheet metal used to repair holes in the mine walls.

NP Vortex Branch Tunnel #1 leads to Shopville. Shopville is named for its staging yard location in Briggs’ workshop. The NP Bridge #4 on the mainline is a 127 foot two-span curved bridge that runs over the M&YP. Beyond this bridge is the M&YP Rock Tunnel #7. On the lowest level of the track, the M&YP travels through Phantom Canyon to Maudlow. Maudlow is a small community that developed along the M&YP mainline at the far west end of Phantom Canyon. Finally, the NP North Coast Limited heads on to staging.