Super Detailing Model Railroad Cars

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Super detailing can really bring your cars to the next level of realness. Though cars and kits may come with a great deal of detail, some custom additions can be added to achieve the ideal effect.

In this video, Allen Keller sat down with Bill Hanley to discuss how he became interested in super detailing, and to illustrate the detailing work that Hanley has done to his cars. Hanley shows Keller a number of example cars with super detailing work, and the additions that he has made to his own cars.

These additions include grab irons, stirrup steps, cut bars, door locks, a break line, a train line, and slope sheet bracing. Hanley goes through each step he took in detailing his hopper to reach his end result. You will also learn how Hanley conceals the seam of his car weights to create a seamless look when repainted.

With a little work, you can achieve the same level of quality and detailing on your own cars that appears on more expensive cars and kits.




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