Weathering Wooden Structures with Rubber Cement

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Every modeler has their own preferences for how they like to weather the components on their model railroad layouts. For some it’s paints and chalks, for other it’s knifework and sanding. Whatever you choose, the fact is, weathering is an essential aspect of creating a realistic layout. One weathering technique that often goes underutilized is the effect of peeling paint using rubber cement. With just a little bit of rubber cement and a few simple tools, you can make the wooden structures on your layout appear aged and worn, and thus more realistic.

In this lesson, master modeler Gerry Leone teaches you how to use rubber cement and expert weathering techniques to give your buildings, rail elements and other pieces on your layout look perfectly aged. You’ll learn the proper way to apply rubber cement to a building wall and then remove patches of paint with a natural rubber pickup. Gerry also explains a couple additional methods you can take advantage of to further weather the wall, including chalks and signage. Implement Gerry’s easy weathering tips, and the wooden structures on your layout will look much more realistic!

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