• Model Railroad Tips

    Enhancing the quality of your model railroad layout doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, there are various common household items that can transform the overall look of your design. NMRA Master Model Railroader Gerry Leone shares four of his favorite model railroad tips that require few resources but ultimately produce significant upgrades to… Read more »

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  • model railroad structures

    There is a certain realism and charm in certain kits that can make your railroad more unique and visually interesting. The build runs for wooden kits tend to be a bit smaller than plastic kits, so the manufacturers have the flexibility to model specific model railroad structures. See how the detail on modern laser cutting… Read more »

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  • 011050f_u0509u_c

    George’s passion for model railroading pushed him to become the expert modeler he is today. George Sellios has been operating Fine Scale Miniatures since May of 1967. Find out how many Kits George has made for his model railroading layouts and what he does to make sure his kits fit. George talks about how Paul… Read more »

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  • mra-010552f_u0195u_c

    Many modelers think when they finish building and painting a model railroad structures on the outside, the project is over and done. But modeler Mike Tylick shares some tips for adding model railroad building interiors that will take your layout to another level of realism. Basically, Mike says, adding any kind of detail that can… Read more »

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  • 010547f_u0190u_c

    If you like building structures, few tools are more valuable in gluing model railroad buildings together than clamps. They help ensure tight, square joints which makes assembly easier and finished structures look better. NMRA Master Model Railroader, Gerry Leone, shares tips on the wide range of clamps available, from simple and inexpensive to more costly… Read more »

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  • 010491f_u0134u_c-finishingexternaldetails

    Want to know one simple step to take in structure building that will make your scenery come alive, and your work stand out as different from any others? It’s adding small details outside model railroad buildings that makes all the difference in the world. And as we see in this video tip from NMRA Master… Read more »

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  • Scratch Built Model Railroad Structures

    A lifelong model railroad enthusiast, Gil Freitag, who built the spectacular Stony Creek & Western Rwy, has always scratch built model railroad structures; it’s what enthuses his most about the hobby. ‘Little wonder he’s received so many national and regional awards for his structure building. In Part 8 of his series on the SC&W, Model… Read more »

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  • mra-010361f_u0004u_c

    Most model railroaders aren’t blessed with enough space to model a whole three-dimensional city. So, building a model railroad means making a series of comprises. Expert modeler Tom Lund shares some tips for creating the illusion of a large city in a compressed space using building flats – or flat buildings. And best of all,… Read more »

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  • 011381f_U0722u_c-Structure Demo

    We have all done it. In the midst of building our layout and wanting to make progress, we’ve put a “placeholder” building to fill a space until we have the time to come back – sometimes years later – and scratchbuild a structure to take its permanent place. Perhaps we make a cardboard cutout with… Read more »

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