Allen McClelland

Allen McClelland's Awards and Recognitions

Allen McClelland
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Allen McClelland has won many awards and is known as a master model railroader. His awards span from scratchbuilding to kits to photos, to service from the NMRA and others. In Allen’s mind, he has been rather fortunate in his life because he has a drive to achieve high standards. He always liked to get involved in things and to give back to organizations he cares about.

Dick Santel, son of Dan Santel reflects that the Virginian and Ohio has always been a part of his memory of model railroading ever since he was a child. His father and him would come and operate with Allen. He remembers the original golden spike ceremony for the original Virginian and Ohio railroad. Allen has always been a close part of his family and a magnificent model railroader who influenced his father a lot.

Allen Keller reminds Allen McClelland that his modeling has been a part of many of the things modelers take for granted today. Aller Keller wonders if he knew he would grow to revolutionize the hobby as he has when he came up with some of his ideas. Allen McClelland never knew, and never thought about it as trying to create anything different or new, he just did what he thought was right and shared when he found things that worked. Ideas such as walk around control, miniature transportation systems, prototype freelancing, and the good enough philosophy are attributed to Allen McClelland.

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