Creating Steel Mills

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Dean Freytag’s inspiration for the South Ridge Line was based on his love for building structures. In this series, Dean expresses his love for building large structures. The American steel industry allowed him to pursue that passion because steel mills are big and high.

Steel Mills

In part seven of the 8-part South Ridge Line series, Dean Freytag demonstrates how to build a steel mill. He begins by identifying the parts of a steel mill including what goes inside a steel mill. The Lil’ Norma Blast Furnace is modeled on the South Ridge Line. The furnace is 165 feet high and modeled to HO scale. Dean starts at the top hamper and works his way down. Allen Keller also asks Dean about the Hump Yard. He asks him how it works and how he built it.

The South Ridge Line series is coming to an end. Just one segment remains in the 8-part series. Learn how to build a car with Dean in the last segment as he shares his expert tips and techniques.

Tags: Allen Keller, Dean Freytag, making model railroad steel mills, model railroad layout tips