David Holl’s Design & Inspiration for Penn Valley Railroad

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David Holl’s HO scale Penn Valley Railroad is a masterful example of a railroad layout built around modeling reality. Everything component of David’s spectacular railroad is intended to captivate, and the Penn Valley is the culmination of a decades-long obsession with Pennsylvania railroads. In this segment, David sits down with host Allen Keller to talk about his inspiration for building the Penn Valley and some of the considerations that went into designing and building such an expansive and meticulous layout.

To give you a bit of insight into the mindset and work ethic of a master modeler, Allen finds out what it took for David to complete Penn Valley Railroad in just three years time. You’ll discover what prompted David to set the railroad in the mountains of 1957 Pennsylvania, and learn how this expert determined which route he wanted to take. David also talks about his greatest influences and supporters, and gives you a few simple tips you can use to make your railroad as realistic as possible!

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