Steve Barkley

Using DCC to Control Model Railroad Signals

Steve Barkley
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Duration:   1  mins

Want to add some fun and a great bit of realism to your layout? Consider adding model railroad signals. Watch as modeler and DCC expert Steve Barkley describes how a signal driver card operates your model railroad signals system. Actually, they operate like a decoder for your signaling system. Steve grew up in the 1950s watching the Northern Pacific railroad operate semaphores to give a green (Go), yellow (Proceed with Caution) or red (Stop) signal to oncoming trains. He wanted the same kind of realism for his NP layout which models from Livingston to Billings, Montana. He found some DCC companies manufacture signal driver cards that operate either colored lights or semaphore systems. Choose the model railroad signals system that’s right for your railroad in the era in which you model and get ready for an added texture of realism for your pike!

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5 Responses to “Using DCC to Control Model Railroad Signals”

  1. Paul Lubliner

    I see you insist on being authentic to N.P. prototype, but the semaphores you are using are semi-scale, more S gauge that H0. Why not make the effort and find some N&G Railway Signal Company's Model 2A Base of Mast, true H0 scale models. They're perfect for the N.P. you know. You have some nice N.P. Athearn Genesis F Units so these semaphores (being of the same "family") are a real "must"!

  2. LEON

    Could have given more info. Also you have almost nothing on O gauge. Very Dissatisfied & Disappointed!

  3. GREG

    What is this, a teaser? I'm a member, I want some information on this topic: power supplies, wiring tips, typical controller boards, finding the right equipment for my era (1956 SP, Southern Oregon). Come on MRA where is the beef?

  4. Cut The Wood website

    Very good written article. It will be useful to everyone who utilizes it, including me. Keep doing what you are doing - i will definitely read more posts.

  5. John

    video didn't describe how to use the card or set up the system. very poor !!

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