Steve Barkley

Enhancing Your Layout Operations with DCC Components

Steve Barkley
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A digital command control system will transform your layout and make it easier to operate. If you are considering upgrading your layout with DCC components, then you may want to do some research prior to installation. If you are completely new to DCC systems, you’ll want to check out a quick overview provided by modeler and DCC expert Steve Barkley. In this video, Barkley demonstrates some advanced components you can add to your DCC system.

Digital Command Control Components

Adding DCC components to your layout may sound intimidating, but they can be easily installed with the proper instruction and guidance. When Barkley first read about computer control for model railroads, he thought he would never do it. Now, he’s not only incorporated it into his layout, but he’s an expert on the subject matter. Everything he has done on his layout has been accomplished by using off-the-shelf DCC components that you can purchase from any well-equipped hobby shop or by mail order.

Follow along as Barkley demonstrates how a computer can be integrated into your model railroad operations. He explains what his PC allows him to do and how it has changed the operations on his model railroad.

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  1. Richard Storey

    This video ism1.02 minutes long, provides no information!

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