DCC Command Stations and Throttles

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Duration:   4  mins

It’s time to take a look at the components you need to put DCC on your model railroad layout. DCC expert and modeler Steve Barkley introduces to you the materials you’ll need to begin putting DCC on your layout. In this video, learn the necessary information for determining the right command station for you. See examples of different command stations and the features they have as well as how they work. Also, you’ll quickly become aware of the benefits and disadvantages of using certain command stations. Steve later presents three different kinds of throttles you can use while expressing the features of each one. Find out that your throttle generally has to be made by the same manufacturer as your command station. Start gathering up your materials today and have fun running trains! Check out this video on Creating Control Bus Wires when Wiring Your Layout next!

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2 Responses to “DCC Command Stations and Throttles”

  1. Lou

    I presume older trains (1950’s) are incapable of using any sort of DCC?

    • Customer Service

      Hello Lou,

      Well, That’s not always the case. Many can be retro fit. The best results would to convert your old open frame motors to a can motor and a flywheel if possible. Northwest Short Line is a great source for the conversion parts.


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