Steve Barkley

How to Use Decoders on Model Railroad DCC Systems

Steve Barkley
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There are many benefits to using model railroad DCC systems on your layout, both organizationally and aesthetically. With a direct command center, you can drastically improve the way your layout is run and maintained, and you can add a variety of tools to your system to customize the way your specific layout functions. From block occupancy detectors to command stations, the options for model railroad DCC systems are seemingly limitless if you want to invest the time and money to upgrade and automate your railroad.

One such tool that can be utilized on all model railroad DCC systems is a decoder. The decoder is a handy little device that simplifies the way you power and control your DCC, and can be used on almost all components of your layout that draw current. In this lesson, we teach you a bit about the benefits of adding decoders to your model railroad DCC systems, and discuss some of the ways decoders have simplified model railroading over the years.

Using decoders on your model railroad DCC systems

To help you figure out the best way to maximize decoders on your next layout, modeler and DCC expert Steve Barkley gives you a rundown on the purpose and flexibility of the standard decoder. He explains how decoders receive signals from model railroad DCC systems to operate a range of railroad components, including locomotives, switches and lights. You’ll discover the two types of decoders and see what distinguishes them from each other, then learn how decoders have replaced circuit boards over the years.

One of the biggest advantages of decoders that are built into locomotives is that they can be operated on any railroad and all model railroad DCC systems, so you can use a locomotive with a decoder on your railroad and then take it to a friend’s and enjoy the same functionality. Learn all about decoders and see how they can improve operations on your next layout!

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