How to Make a Proper Schedule for Your Layout

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When it comes to operating a realistic model railroad, a well organized schedule should be top priority. Ask any master modeler what it takes to run proper operations, and they’ll tell you it’s all about the schedule. Whether you opt for timetable, card or any other operating system, if you make it easy for your operators to understand where and when their train should be, they’re going to enjoy themselves and maximize their time on your layout.

Expert modeler David Holl is one of the best in the business at keeping a perfect schedule on his layouts. In this lesson, he demonstrates the proper way to lay out a simple timetable for your railroad by giving each station a time of arrival and departure. You’ll learn how to create a foolproof schedule to give to each of your operators that clearly displays how they should transport their train from start to finish, as well as what to do when their train is on or behind schedule.

David also teaches you how to develop a schedule for your yardmaster that shows what will be happening in the yard at two minute intervals, including the trains that are coming through, which way they’re headed, and when they are set to arrive and depart. With these expert tips for developing a proper schedule, you can operate your model railroad just like the real thing!

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