C.J. Riley

Overview of The Kanawha & Western Allegheny

C.J. Riley
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Duration:   1 mins

Master modeler C.J. Riley invites you to explore his Kanawha & Western Allegheny home layout. You’ll get an inside look at the model railroad with the help of Allen Keller. This is the introduction to a series consisting of nine segments dedicated to the Kanawha & Western Allegheny railroad. Along with a behind-the-scenes tour of the layout and its operations, C.J. will also provide some insider tips and tricks on modeling.

The Kanawha & Western Allegheny

This series was filmed many years ago, but remains relevant to this day within the model railroad community. As we take a look back at the Kanawha & Western Allegheny, we celebrate the dedication and achievements of C.J. His layout serves as a great example of excellent model railroading.

The Kanawha & Western Allegheny takes us back in time to 1942. The layout is a piece of history frozen in time. The trains, industries and scenic elements all help paint the picture of America in the 40’s. Throughout the series, you will learn more about the operations, inspiration, and techniques involved in creating the Kanawha & Western Allegheny layout.

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