C.J. Riley

Highlights of the Kanawha & Western Allegheny

C.J. Riley
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Duration:   2  mins

In part six of the 9-part Kanawha & Western Allegheny series, Allen Keller and C.J. Riley discuss the best features of the model railroad. C.J. believes the most unusual feature on his layout is the ridges and mountains. He shares his technique of how he achieves lots of height without taking up a lot of depth. Allen and C.J. also discuss his experience with the National Model Railroad Association.

The National Model Railroad Association served as a major influence on C.J.’s Kanawha & Western Allegheny layout. The basis for his modeling came from his membership of the organization and for that, he felt as if he owed them. C.J. spent over 10 years in management with the organization. NMRA has allowed C.J. to meet prominent modelers and gave him the opportunity to attend numerous conventions where he learned from others about the hobby of modeling.

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