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Model Train Scenery Building: Tips for Easy CA and Epoxy

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Duration:   5  mins

CA glue and two-part epoxy are a couple of the most commonly used tools in the arsenal of the model railroader. Thanks to their strong adhesive powers and quick drying, these two solutions are the go-to for the majority of model railroad components. However, applying CA glue and epoxy can be a little trickier than they appear at first glance, especially when you have little surface area to work with.

That’s why, in this demonstration of model railroad scenery building tips, we teach you a few simple techniques and tricks you can use to simplify the application of CA glue and epoxy and reuse some materials you would otherwise throw away. Let’s take a look at how these expert model railroad scenery building tips can help you take the stress out of applying our favorite adhesive solutions.

Model railroad scenery building tips for easy adhesion

Here’s the crux of CA glue: you go to glue shutters onto a model railroad building using the fine-point applicator, only hoping to squeeze out a single dot of adhesive, and instead pours forth four large globs and you make a mess. To solve this issue and avoid wasting glue, NMRA Master Modeler Gerry Leone introduces a few quick model railroad scenery building tips that utilize basic household objects. You’ll learn the best way to use plastic chip container lids, bottle caps and empty coffee creamers to pour out only the amount you need and more accurately apply your glue.

A similar sort of model railroad scenery building tips can be used when working with two-part epoxy. You won’t always need a ton of epoxy, and in these situations Gerry teaches you how you can utilize the same coffee creamer containers and microbrushes to mix up and paint on epoxy. With these simple model railroad scenery building tips, you can take the stress out of the gluing process!

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3 Responses to “Model Train Scenery Building: Tips for Easy CA and Epoxy”

  1. BILL

    you can also use an overturned plastic Communion cup for CA or even wood glue. Readily available after service during which you have celebrated Communion ..... collect, wash, repurpose and use and reuse.

  2. addidas superstar

    saying that he didn't have the luxury of special teams.

  3. Jon Ruehle

    You got the shotglass part wrong. You turn it rightside up, then fill with a good quality whiskey! :-)

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