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Preparing Model Train Layout Kits for Assembly

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Model train layout kits can be a modeler’s best friend. For scenes that involve an extensive downtown layout or maybe a variety of elements, building everything from scratch gets old pretty fast. Luckily, hobby shops and craft stores release more and more products by the day to help you remove some of the stress of creating impressive model railroad layouts and filling out your scenes. There are countless commercial model train layout kits available for all kinds of landscapes and settings, from buildings and structures to rolling stock and locomotives.

Before you get started putting together your newest model train layout kits, we want to walk you through the preparation process, because we believe it’s important to know what you’re working with prior to tackling a kit. So in this lesson, we open up one of our model train layout kits to give you a few pointers on what to look for when you’re getting ready to put yours together.

Tips for building model train layout kits

When putting together model train layout kits, you want to make your job as easy and seamless as possible. So to help you prepare your kit for assembly, NMRA Expert Modeler Gerry Leone introduces a few essential tips and tricks that he likes to use when prepping model train layout kits.

You’ll want to begin by opening the package and taking a look around. Gerry recommends first inspecting every piece in the kit to make sure it’s all there and all in good shape. He says to read the instruction and familiarize yourself with the steps so there are no surprises when you’ve got glue in your hands and you’re holding together the wrong walls. Also, he teaches you how to properly wash the plastic parts to remove oils that will discourage paint from adhering to the plastic.

Later in the video, Gerry discusses a couple simple tricks for getting rid of sprues and angled nubs that often hold model train layout kits together, and shows you how to correctly utilize different types of sprue nippers. And finally, you’ll learn about the various forms of painting that you can opt for to dress up your model train layout kits, including the preferred choice of all experts–airbrushing. With Gerry’s tips and tricks for assembling model train layout kits, you won’t run into any trouble the next time you put together a building or rolling stock!

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One Response to “Preparing Model Train Layout Kits for Assembly”

  1. John

    So ... where is the rest of this video? Adding mortar? Painting? Where is all this additional information talked about in this video? Thanks.

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