Q&A with George Sellios on Building F&SM Railroad

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For many years, George Sellios was known the world around as owner of Fine Scale Mechanics and creator of the best model railroad kits money could buy, but people always wondered when George would finally take the plunge and build his own layout. Well friends, he eventually did, and we have to say it’s exactly what we all expected from one of the masters of the hobby. In 1985, George began construction on Franklin & South Manchester Railroad, a hugely creative and detailed layout and one of the best the hobby has ever witnessed.

Allen Keller visited George’s layout to see for himself how the construction was coming along and to take a behind-the-scenes tour of this spectacular build. He sat down with George to ask a few questions about all things model railroading, from the master’s dedication to John Allen’s innovative weathering techniques to his supreme attention to detail. In this interview, you’ll learn how George managed the pressure of meeting such lofty expectations for his first-time layout, and discover what George wants viewers to take away from the F&SM. This layout is an absolute wonder for the eyes, and you have to see it with your own to truly believe how miraculous this endeavor was. We hope you’ll be as inspired as Allen was upon getting a full tour of George’s deft handiwork. Enjoy!