Scenery of the Conrail New Jersey Model Railroad

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In Part 2 of his series on the Conrail New Jersey division railroad of Matt Snell and Debie Baker, Allen Keller’s cameras ride along as an inspection train winds its way from Allentown Station all the way to South Amboy. Along the way, the viewer sees the incredible amount of model railroad structures and scenery work the builders have constructed to capture the essence of the heavy industrial areas around northeastern New Jersey.

Office Car Special (OCS) #101 is an inspection train filled with officers and inspectors examining the line. The tour provides the opportunity to see the twin E8s pass mile after mile of chemical plants, distribution warehouses, scrap yards and propane dealerships which butt up closely to the mainline.

Passing over the Raritan River swing bridge – always a popular railfanning location, OCS #101 ends its journey at South Amboy, where the inspectors hop aboard a New Jersey Transit commuter train for the ride back to Raritan where the tour ends.

The cramped and crowded industrial areas and model railroad scenery designed built by Matt and Debie mimic the gritty views so familiar along the Northeastern rail corridor. It’s a great overview and behind the scenes tour of the Conrail New Jersey.

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