• 15:20

    Tour the Milwaukee Road Heritage Center Layout

    The Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad was more commonly known as The Milwaukee Road. In this video, we take a tour of the Milwaukee Road Heritage Center layout, with good views of the layout’s painted scenic backgrounds, modeled scenery, and behind the scenes views of the lighting and wiring. The Milwaukee Road Heritage…

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  • 7:02

    Simple Details That Make Your Locomotives Unique

    Model Railroad Academy Editor Ron Marsh shows how adding just a couple of details enhances the realism and prototypical look of a locomotive or piece of rolling stock. These details can also take a nice but ordinary locomotive and make it completely special to your layout. THE LOCOMOTIVE Ron recently bought a brand-new Atlas model…

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  • 6:36

    Paper Print Building

    Does your layout have some horizontal spaces that are too narrow to fit 3D buildings? Martin Tärnrot gives a tutorial on how to work with model railroad paper buildings to create depth in narrow spaces. Martin uses an area on his own layout where the rail line is very close to the backdrop, only two…

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  • 9:27

    Touring the Newport Model Railroad Club Layout: Part 2

    Hop on board as this train takes you through the Newport Model Railroad Club layout. Notice all of the intricate details put into this layout that make this ride such a lively experience. Horse ranches, bridges, buildings surrounded by people, and the beautiful landscape all take an important part in Newport, Minnesota. Enjoy the ride!…

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  • 9:56

    Touring the Newport Model Railroad Club Layout: Part 1

    Take a joyride through the Newport Model Railroad Club layout. Experience the small-town serenity of the upper Midwest as this train rolls through the deer-filled forests and charming brick buildings of Newport, Minnesota. Check out “Inside the Track” for more tours.

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  • 2:14

    Overview of the Lakeside Lines

    The Lakeside Lines model railroad layout of Tom Harris runs between Chicago and Norfolk, Virginia in 1979. The model portion of this HO scale layout runs through only one Virginia town, North Franklin. Model railroading is a family affair. Outside the house, Tom’s wife Karen has built her own G scale railroad on the front…

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  • 9:15

    Touring Tom Harris’s Lakeside Lines

    We begin the tour of Tom Harris’s Lakeside Lines model railroad layout by entering North Franklin yard from Frost Tunnel. This is a train of empty hoppers. SD 45-2 Number 4491 eases by the North Franklin station, followed by two SD 40-2s. This half of North Franklin is called East Yard and contains arrival and…

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  • 5:26

    Modeling Gravel Roads with Martin Tarnrot

    In this video Martin Tarnrot demonstrates his method of making HO scale roads, and in particular, gravel roads. There are many methods to achieve a nice looking result, but the method he has used throughout my entire layout. For this video instruction, Martin made a small diagram, made from two inch thick Styrofoam. He prefers…

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  • 12:39

    Touring the Greeley Freight Station Museum Part 2

    In part one of the tour of the Greeley Freight Station Museum, the Rio Grande zephyr reached the summit of Quartz Mountain. Now it’s ready to head downgrade on the other half of the railroad. Gerhart Mountain Snowshed keeps the track clear, which is important as this area is subject to very heavy snowfall. Here…

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