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Adding Small Details Outside Model Railroad Buildings

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Duration:   2  mins

Want to know a simple step that will bring your scenery to life and make your work stand out from the rest? Adding small details outside model railroad buildings makes all the difference in the world. As we see in this video from MRA Master Model Railroader Gerry Leone, it may take a little extra time and effort, but the results really pay off!

Trackside Model Train Building Modifications

Gerry uses a fairly generic trackside model train building that he scratch-built. Before he places it on his layout, Gerry always plans on adding small external features to make the structure unique and come “alive.” Since the building will sit along the tracks, he decided a small loading dock would be appropriate below the boxcar freight doors on the backside. Using basswood stripwood, he scratch-built a small loading dock, and what a difference it suddenly made! The model was no longer generic—it had a purpose. Now it’s time to add small details like barrels, pallets, boxes, and crates to further “enliven the scene.”

Finally, using Woodland Scenics’ Accent Glue, which allows repositioning with its tacky properties, Gerry selects a human figure and affixes it to the dock and the scene is complete—and uniquely yours!

With very little time, effort, and expenditure, adding small details to model railroad buildings can really make your scenes stand out and appear more realistic.

Here are more ideas for making model railroad buildings for your layout.

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