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Aesthetics and Furnishings in Your Model Railroad Room

MRA Editors
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Duration:   3  mins

Ever wonder about museum-quality tips that can give your model train layout room a more-finished, quality look. Or perhaps a space adjacent to your layout where your guests can feel welcome and comfortable as they watch your trains pass, or perhaps take a break from a busy operating session?

Furnishing a Model Railroad Room

NMRA Master Model Railroader, Allen Keller, shares some tips for planning a model railroad layout room a more-finished look. First, he shows how he painted his fascia black, matched with black curtains and carpet to give it a museum-look. Plus, Allen says, the curtain hides storage beneath the layout, so it does double-duty. The overall black finish is an old optics trick, one used by museums over the years.

Next, Allen provides tips on creating a club lounge. He provides bench seating similar to old railway stations, and adds fixtures and furnishings to complete the effect. Allen adds a wall holder with old railroad schedules, plus signage for the railroads he operates on his layout. Add some glad hands and switch lanterns, and the illusion is complete. You’ve created a space unique to your model railroad room, where your guests feel comfortable relaxing while watching the adjacent railroad operate, or a crewman takes a scheduled break from his operating session. Coffee and donuts are optional!

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