Introduction to History of the M&YP

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Duration: 3:14

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The Musselshell & Yogo Peak model railroad is a representation of Montana and designed by Bill Briggs and Doug Hodgdon. The terrain is mountainous, the cities are remote, and ghost towns are apparent. With over twenty years in the making, this layout sure is a sight to see. Follow along for some behind-the-scenes footage as Doug Hodgdon shares an introduction into the history of the M&YP model railroad.

The History Behind the Musselshell & Yogo Peak Model Railroad

Doug Hodgdon and Bill Briggs’ began working together on the M&YP decades ago in Edina, Minnesota. Believe it or not, but this long running project still has more detail and modeling work to be done according to Doug. The layout has moved locations three times and has expanded throughout the years.

In this video, Doug chronicles the making of the M&YP. He begins by explaining the motive behind the model railroad and the reasoning for choosing Montana as the location to model. Next, Doug defines the criteria Bill set for the model railroad. Bill had some specific stipulations he wanted to be met and one in particular dealt with the length of the trains. Doug describes the requirements needed of the track in order to accommodate the long trains Bill desired. Later, Doug briefly mentions the trips Bill and him would go on for model railroad inspiration. They used books to find railroad locations that they wanted to visit. Doug explains how the expeditions helped them capture the essence of life in the West. He also reveals how the travel helped contribute to the M&YP layout in multiple ways.

Similar to many other great model railroads, the M&YP is still a work in progress. It’s an impressive layout with a wealth of freelance work. New features are constantly being added and the layout is continually evolving overtime.