Martin Tärnrot

Speeder with Tool House

Martin Tärnrot
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Duration:   11  mins

MRA Contributing Editor Martin Tärnrot builds a tool house with garage doors. It houses a speeder—a motor-powered pump car that the track crew uses to travel along the tracks. These are found from coast to coast in the US and most parts of the world.


This build is done in H0 scale. The walls and doors of the tool house are made of pre-engraved sheets from Northeastern Scale Lumber. Martin goes step by step through constructing the walls, doors, corrugated plate roof, concrete foundation, casing around the doors, and more. Martin’s presentation is very detailed—watch the video for all the information.

For more on building sheds and other structures, browse the Structures category here on MRA.


Tracks need to be added inside (and outside) the shed so the crew can roll the speeder in and out. From making a cutout for the tracks that the speeder will be placed on, to coloring and weathering the completed base, tracks, and shed, the video has all the details.


The speeder can be bought online from Shapeways, or if you have a 3D printer, you can download a 3D model of this speeder. It comes in a set called Yard Details from CG Trader. If you like, you can add head and tail lights to the speeder.

Martin believes the best way to paint this type of vehicle is by airbrushing, then adding details, such as the rubber gaskets around the windows, with a paintbrush.


Place the speeder on the tracks just outside the tool house. Set the tool house with concrete base, tracks, and speeder on the layout and glue it in place with fast-set glue. Sprinkle gravel around the building.

Add a human figure and some barrels outside the shed. These sheds were found in many different sizes and styles and were usually located near the center of a section of track. You may add additional detailing such as an electric utility meter or a pickup truck.

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