Travel the Tracks of Penn Valley Railroad

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David Holl’s Penn Valley Railroad is the culmination of a decades-long obsession with mountain railroading and helper service. Set in 1957, the Penn Valley is a beautiful recreation of the thriving Pennsylvania industrial towns and hub cities that spurred the economy of mid-Atlantic states in the 20th century.

In this behind-the-scenes tour, you’ll watch as the Salad Bowl Express makes the trek from Allentown to Erie via a number of small industry towns such as Black Mountain and Carlisle, as well as the active city scene of East Eiser. Host Allen Keller walks you through a sample of the lead engine’s run along the Penn Valley’s rails, past interchanges with NY Central and East Eiser Railroads, down “The Slide” and into its final stop at the staging yard in Erie.

So follow along and discover how a master works. You’ll see why David’s dedication to realistic helper service, steep grades and tunnels have made this mountainous HO scale railroad one of the great model railroads in the hobby!

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