Waybill Message Tubes for the Model Railroad Hobbyist

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When confronted with a problem or challenge, the model railroad hobbyist is often known to think “outside the box” for an innovative solution! See what modeler Lee Nicholas developed to quickly move his waybill information between dispatcher and train operators and make his model railway operations more efficient.

As he shows Allen Keller, he used two lengths of leftover 4” PVC drain pipe as transfer tubes slightly suspended to and from the isolated dispatcher’s room. He fashioned a wooden Pinewood Derby car with rubber wheels to carry waybill car cards through the tube outside to the operators when a train departs the staging area, and back to the dispatcher as train re-enters staging. The “Waybill Delivery System” works simply on gravity! A great solution to a need that didn’t cost a lot of money!

Model Railroad Switching Operations

Here are some other great tips you might enjoy for model railroad switching operations.

Lee admits he does very little tinkering with his Kato engines; he finds they operate smoothly right out of the box. He does use other manufacturer’s’ engines but usually swaps out the motors for Kato drives. On all rolling stock, Lee uses additional weights and Kadee metal wheels and always gives them a good weathering before hitchin’ a ride on the UCW.

Finally, Lee credits his wife for her support and tolerance of his passion as a model railroad hobbyist. His interest in railroading comes quite naturally as part of the original right-of-way of the Transcontinental Railroad runs through his Utah farm, and is located only 25 miles from where the Golden Spike ceremonies took place!

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