The Conrail New Jersey – Model Railroad Operation Tips

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Duration: 7:36

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The Conrail New Jersey Railroad of Matt Snell and Debie Baker operates along prototypical rules as much as possible. Discover some model railroad operation tips as Allen Keller’s cameras follow a mixed freight leaving Oak Island Yard bound for Allentown Station, on a busy journey of set-outs and pick-ups along the way. With dozens of heavy industries lining sidings along the mainline, and multiple interchange opportunities, there’s always plenty of operations action.

Train #4401, also designated as OIAL (Oak Island-Allentown), pulls out of the Yard with boxcars, coal and scrap gons, bulkhead lumber cars and chemical tankers behind twin SD80s.

In the background, three light engines return to the engine facilities for servicing. Under busy freeways, OIAL makes its way to Plainfield, where we see a Susquehana GP-18 leaving a cut of cars for pickup. In return, 4401 leaves a boxcar and lumber flatcar for the Yaeger Lumber Company, delivered by the aging but still able “Susie-Q” Geep. Pickup up the three covered hoppers bound for Monsanto Chemicals, #4401 continues its journey through Metuchen, Durham and Plainfield.

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