How George Sellios Creates Highly Detailed Structures

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You know his work from Fine Scale Miniatures, those superbly detailed kit structures that modelers have used on their railroad layouts for decades. George Sellios has been a staple of the model railroading world for as long as we can remember, and we’re infinitely grateful for his creations. To get a sense of how George constructs and adds that immaculate detail to his structures, host Allen Keller visits the master modeler’s workshop for a little lesson in work ethic and perfectionism.

In this segment, you’ll discover what separates George’s structures from the rest of the kits you can find in most hobby shops, and learn how he paints and weathers the urban elements of the scenery on his Franklin & South Manchester Railroad. He teaches you some of the techniques he utilizes to give his buildings ultra-realism and talks about his expert methods for creating painted signs, brick and mortar and boarded windows. These structures often take George up to four days to complete, and we can tell why just by getting one closeup look at them!