Wiring your Layout: Installing Panel Connectors

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Allow Steve Barkley be your go-to guy for anything DCC related. As both a modeler and an expert in the sphere of DCC, he offers excellent tips and advice for installing DCC. In this video, Steve demonstrates how to install panel connectors, which will ultimately allow for the use of throttles on your layout.

Installing Panel Connectors

Steve indicates step-by-step how to get panel connectors wired, installed and ready to go on your layout. He installs a standard panel connector at one end, and a radio receiver panel connector at the other on his sample layout. Panel connectors are beneficial because they offer walk around capability on a layout. Steve uses a number of panel connectors around his layout to give his operators easy access when they are running trains. With panel connectors, operators don’t have to go to a central location. It gives operators much more freedom to move about the layout.