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Jack Burgess on Building a Layout with High Standards

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Duration:   3  mins

Every modeler has their own preferences for building a layout, especially when it comes to building alone or with friends. Some use their railroad as an expression of their own unique creativity and standards, and so they build by themselves. Others prefer to be a part of a team and turn modeling into a group experience, and so they build with others. For expert prototyper Jack Burgess, there’s no question which he prefers—he’s a solo artist through and through.

In this segment, host Allen Keller sits down with master modeler Jack Burgess to talk about the methods he used to build his scale duplication of Yosemite Valley Railway. Jacks explains why high standards and intense perfectionism keep him from building a railroad with a team of modelers. He describes the building process as highly personal and describes the satisfaction that comes from doing your own research and bringing images to life. You’ll also learn how Jack plans to continue expanding the YV in the future and discover his process for picking which component he’ll build next. See how the master operates!

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One Response to “Jack Burgess on Building a Layout with High Standards”

  1. Charles Kinzer

    Nice looking stuff. Having consciously decided standards (and they don't necessarily have to be high, just spelled out) makes it a lot easier to make a lot of decisions down the line. You can usually just refer to your standards and the answer will be obvious. I notice at about 2:52 to 2:54 in the video that the left wheel on the mogul's pilot truck lifted up into the air briefly.

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