Touring the Carrizzo Gorge

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The Musselshell & Yogo Peak model railroad layout is a replication of the Montana rail lines. The geography of the west is represented through beautiful mountainous scenery and narrow valleys. In previous videos, we toured the cities of Bill, Two Dot, and Lombard on the M&YP railroad as well as Canyon Springs. The next and final stop on the tour is the Carrizzo Gorge.

The Musselshell & Yogo Peak

In this video, modeler Doug Hodgdon takes a closer look at a couple of impressive elements on the M&YP layout. He provides detail on the MP High Bridge, the Carrizzo Gorge and the railroad loop. You will get a behind the scenes look at these three focal points of the layout.

The name Carrizzo comes from an actual gorge of nearly the same name in remote South Central California. Doug contributes some information regarding how the gorge and mountains were built on the layout and what materials were used. He also speaks a bit about how the renowned model railroader John Allen influenced the creation of the gorge and loop on the M&YP.

Watch as the train makes it way through the railway tracks on the M&YP. You will gain some insider knowledge from Doug on the building process of the M&YP layout as well as plenty of visual inspiration. As the video wraps up, the train completes the loops and rounds the corner into the phantom canyon area.




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